wht-wideleft2A Purpose Built E-Bike.

The Pacific E-Bike Eliminator is one of our favorite concept bikes, designed and assembled by us. We built this product from the wheels up to be a top performing electric assist bicycle. By neatly integrating the battery into the frame, we’ve created a sleek e-bike with all the power of a conversion bike.

Tackle Any Hill Like A Boss.

The Eliminator uses a high current Panasonic 18650 36V 9 amp hour cobalt battery, connected to a very efficient sensor-less “high ratio” geared hub motor. We’ve intentionally designed an e-bike you can use for commuting or recreation, that will take on even the steepest hills. The motor is originally designed for 350 watts of power, but has been recently tested and achieved a nominal power rating of 500w continuous. With the addition of 21 gears for pedaling and adjustable pedal assist you’ll zip right up any incline.

Why An Integrated Internal Battery Electric Bike?

There are many benefits to an internal battery other than aesthetics. The bike is better balanced when the battery is within the frame triangle. And there aren’t any loose wires as components are held safely in place. Because it is contained, the battery is more fire safe than an external one.

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